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Supply Chain


  • Run a real-time supply chain with our SCM software
    • Meet rising customer expectations, run increasingly complex supply networks, and achieve faster-than-fast responsiveness – with supply chain management (SCM) software from SAP. Our solutions cover everything from demand planning to inventory management – and use technologies such as the Internet of Things, RFID, and advanced analytics to help you run a real-time supply chain.

Demand Management

• Manage and analyze demand streams to feed operational planning and drive greater productivity and customer satisfaction
• Match supply more closely with demand using SAP software for demand management to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction levels. Collect internal and external demand streams, analyze their input, and use the resulting insight to create rational demand plans and update them as needed. Integrate internal and external demand data across sales and supply functions as a foundation for trade promotion activities and other means of demand shaping.


Solution Capabilities

• Promotion Planning and Optimization
• Demand Planning
• Multilevel Replenishment
• Service Parts Planning

Demand Insights

• Empower your supply chain, sales, and marketing with real-time demand network visibility
• Support supply chain, sales, and marketing professionals with insightful and actionable analytics throughout their demand network using SAP software. Use a single source of real-time, high-fidelity, and granular demand signals to facilitate profitable demand response.


Solution Capabilities

• Sense and Respond to Demand Insights
• Demand Sensing
• Connected Goods

Logistics Network

• Connect and collaborate with your logistics network to maximize the distribution strategy and comply with regulations
• Maximize your distribution strategy and increase transparency across your logistics network.

SAP solutions can help you:
• Investigate rates and negotiate the best freight contracts
• Connect all participants of the logistics network
• Track shipments, assets, and serialized items
• Increase throughput of goods
• Make better use of transportation assets


Solution Capabilities

• Sense and respond to Logistics Insights
• Item Serialization and Product Traceability
• Yard and Hub Logistics

Response Orchestration

• Integrate order planning, scheduling, promising, and execution through response orchestration
• Meet delivery commitments on time – every time – with streamlined response orchestration. Gain visibility into inventory, capacity, and product data by integrating order planning, scheduling, promising, and execution in real time. This helps you optimize inventory management and production planning, so you can quickly and accurately respond to new demands.


Solution Capabilities

• Constraint Based Production Planning
• Production Scheduling
• Advanced Order Promising / ATP

Supply Network

• Manage, control, and respond to changing conditions through supply chain collaboration with supply networks solutions
• Reduce planning cycle times and inventory levels and increase service quality with supply networks solutions from SAP. With SAP software and supply chain collaboration you can:
• Connect with suppliers, customers, and outsourced manufacturers across a multitier supply network
• Collaborate across supply, demand, and inventory replenishment processes
• Manage quality and outsourced manufacturing
• Control inventory and replenishment processes and proactively react on supply shortages


Solution Capabilities

• Collaborative Planning
• Collaborative Supply Network
• Demand and Supply Collaboration
• Sense and Respond to Supply Insights

Response and Supply Planning

• Align planning and execution in real time
• Operate a global supply chain in a world of volatile demand and complex supply networks – with flexibility and speed – with SAP solutions. Match supply to demand across your network quickly for responsive planning and what-if analysis. Perform allocation management, order promising, replenishment, deployment, and manufacturing network planning. Our solutions facilitate faster response, increased revenue, improved delivery, and faster inventory turns.


Solution Capabilities

• Response Planning and Allocation Management
• Replenishment and Deployment Planning
• Manufacturing Supply Network Planning

Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning

• Anticipate change and make necessary adjustments to mitigate risks and seize new opportunities
• Integrate sales, inventory, and operations processes to facilitate collaborative decision making across the enterprise. With sales inventory and operations planning solutions from SAP, your organization can balance demand and supply profitably and pursue optimal product availability. In turn, inventory and working capital are significantly reduced, service levels are optimized, and profitability and customer service are improved.


Solution Capabilities

• Product Review
• Demand Review
• Supply Review
• Demand, Supply, and Finance Alignment
• Management Review and Analysis
• Service-Level determination
• Inventory Optimization

Transport Management

• Reduce costs and improve service with streamlined transportation management processes
• Support the complete transportation management lifecycle for both domestic and international freight with SAP software. Manage transportation requirements for planning, optimizing, tendering, and settling freight. Book carriers, forward orders, and comply with international trade and hazardous goods requirements. Manage procurement, sales distribution, and replenishment of goods. Improve asset usage and customer satisfaction, and reduce operational and transportation management costs.


Solution Capabilities

• Transportation Requirements Management
• Freight Planning and Optimization
• Freight Tendering
• Carrier Booking
• Freight Order Forwarding and Settlement
• Transportation Execution and Monitoring
• Strategic Freight Management
• Basic Shipping

Warehouse Management

• Improve planning and optimization of warehouse operations
• Automate warehouse and distribution operations such as inbound and outbound processes, storage, and inventory management and distribution. With warehouse management solutions from SAP, your operations can better optimize resources and assets, support on-demand and planned cross-docking, and manage the workforce. Greater control over warehouse operations empower warehouse managers to improve asset utilization, increase throughput, and help ensure on-time and accurate order fulfilment.


Solution Capabilities

• Extended Warehouse Management
• Dock Appointment Scheduling
• Goods Receipt
• Goods Issue
• Mobile Inventory Management
• Basic Warehouse Management



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