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• Deliver connected products faster with our PLM and R&D software
• Be first to market with new or enhanced products – without sacrificing quality – using SAP software to support your Research and Development (R&D) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) initiatives. Connect your product strategy with your company strategy, build compliance and IoT specifications into your products, enhance project and portfolio management (PPM) – and ultimately increase your revenues.

Product and Project Insights

• Stimulate innovative, collaborative design through a design information network
• Give engineering teams the flexibility and visibility they need to collaborate across the extended supply network with SAP software. Tap into extensive data management, visualization, and change management capabilities to smoothly launch innovative, high-quality products or react quickly to issues.

Solution Capabilities

• Sense and Respond to Design Insights
• Design and Project Networks
• Compliant Product Network

Complaint Product Lifecycle Management

• Collaborate across silos and integrate product development to get to market first with innovative, compliant products
• Develop new products quickly and go to market faster than your competitors with SAP software that integrates product development processes across functional silos and locations. Collaborate effectively across functions, streamline the ramp-up process, and develop products that comply with regulations. With visibility into product costs, you can continuously reduce those costs, protecting revenue margins while you develop innovative products that preserve brand value.


Solution Capabilities

• Product Development
• Recipe Development
• Authoring Tool Integration
• Product Costing
• Handover to Manufacturing
• Model Based Enterprise
• Product Marketability and Chemical Compliance
• Safety Data Sheet and Label Management
• Dangerous Goods Management
• Source Assignment

Project and Portfolio Management

• Develop new products and services based on value-driven investment decisions
• Apply a value-driven approach to developing innovative products and services with project and portfolio management solutions from SAP. Align product manufacturing strategy and development, streamline development processes, manage production costs, and simplify operational complexity. Respond quickly to customer inquiries, coordinate resources across a project’s lifecycle, and use performance metrics to make informed decisions for strategically optimizing product innovation investments.


Solution Capabilities

• Idea Management
• Portfolio Management
• Project Management
• Resource Management
• Project Management



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