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• Engage in the moment with our digital marketing solutions
• Improve customer engagement at every stage of the sales cycle – with new and innovative digital marketing software from SAP. Our cloud and on-premise solutions support everything from social, e-mail, and content marketing to marketing automation and advanced analytics. Understand the real-time intent of each customer, and dynamically deliver personalized and relevant omni-channel experiences.

Market with Speed and Agility

• React quickly to market opportunities with marketing automation and integrated operations
• Increase collaboration with internal and external teams through marketing automation that speeds operations and streamlines asset deployment and development. Gain transparency and access to real-time data to make insight driven decisions optimizing marketing strategies to drive greater demand and growth.


Solution Capabilities

• Marketing Planning and Budgeting
• Campaign Management and Optimization
• Digital Asset Management
• Marketing Collaboration
• Marketing Lead Management
• Insights and Performance Management

Unique Customer Experience

• Deliver In-Moment Customer Experiences
•Create in-the-moment customer experiences and individualized marketing across channels
• Engage customers in the right moments. Understand the customer’s context, intents and motivations to make relevant and timely offers and messages that fulfills the customer’s wants and needs. Engage seamlessly through personalized interactions across Web, call center, storefront, mobile, or social media channels.


Solution Capabilities

• Omni-channel Customer Experience
• Marketing Recommendations
• Digital Advertising
• Remarketing
• Cross-Channel Engagement
• Loyalty

Real-Time Customer Insights

• Gain Real-Time Customer Insights
• Dynamically capture and enrich customer profiles across all sources, gaining insights into customer’s real-time intents
• Leverage a single consolidated view of customer profiles with advanced analytics and visualization techniques to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and their true intent at the moment of engagement.


Solution Capabilities

• Marketing Profile
• Real-time Predictions and Scoring
• Audience Targeting and Segmentation
• Insights and Performance Management
• Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis



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