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SAP MM is one of the modules of SAP that deals with material management and inventory management. … It deals with the Procurement Process, Master Data (Material & Vendor Master), Account Determination & Valuation of Material, Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, Material Requirement Planning, etc.


Course Content of SAP MM

SAP Materials Management (MM) is an ERP solution that ensures organized and structured process associated with materials management. The Materials Management module (SAP MM) consists of all master data, system configuration, and transactions to complete the Procure to Pay process.

Enterprise Structure & Material Master Configuration

•  MM organizational levels

•  Material type

•  Field selection

Overview of Procurement

•  Purchase requisitions

•  Orders

•  Request for quotation

•  Procurement for stock

•  Procurement for direct consumption

•  Procurement via subcontracting

•  External services

•  Reporting

Master Data

•  Material master

•  Vendor master

•  Purchasing info record

•  Source list

•  Quota arrangement

•  Messages

Procurement Optimization

•  Contracts

•  Scheduling agreements

•  Invoicing plans

•  Release procedures

•  Purchasing document configuration

Inventory Management

•  Goods receipt

•  Goods issue

•  Stock transfer

•  Reservations

•  Consignment

•  Physical inventory

•  Availability check

•  Movement types

•  Messages

Evaluation & Account Determination

•  Material valuation

•  Price control

•  Account determination

•  Split valuation

Basic Data

•  Reorder point planning

•  Lot size calculation

•  Planning run

•  Planning results

Material Requirement Planning

•  Overview

•  Demand Management

•  MRP Run

•  Processing MRP Results

•  Master Production Scheduling

•  Long-term Planning

•  Technical Information on How the Planning Run Works

•  MRP Areas

Logistics and Invoice Verification

•  Invoices

•  Credit memos

•  Automatic settlement

•  Invoice verification in the background

•  Subsequent debits

•  Freight invoices

•  Blocked invoices

•  GR/IR clearing account maintenance



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