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  » Develop Farm Plan

  » Crop Stress & Health Index

  » Chlorophyll Levels

  » Fertilizer Optimization

  » Insect and Pest Plant Diagnosis

  » Plant Disease Diagnosis

  » Nitrogen Management Solution

  » Forest Analysis

  » Plant Identification

  » Guide pruning

  » Develop Harvest Plan based on VIGOR

  » Crop Yield Estimation


Drone, or UAV/UAS, technology suits a myriad of conservation and environmental-protection applications, offering quick, easy, and cost-effective aerial imagery as well as sensor and monitoring capabilities. Specific applications of conservation drones include forest health monitoring, forest inventory, wildlife surveys, anti-poaching activities (such as identification and deterrence through use of drone audible alarms), reforestation, compliance monitoring, and air-quality monitoring.

Cozy Consulting is using drones to:

  » Count trees

  » Map harvest units

  » Complete inspections in all phases of harvest operations

  » Measure rock stockpile volumes

  » Assess different types of stand damage (e.g. bear, insects, fire, root rot, etc.)

  » View a 3-D image of the area



Hydrology Services:

  » Hydrology flow models

  » Transportation channel preliminary design and simulation

  » Building footprint and elevation data for infrastructure planning

  » Cadastral mapping

  » Water pipeline, gas pipelines, sewage system planning with determination of slope angle

  » Geological fault mapping

  » Surface creation of area with canopy cover DSM


Watershed Management

  » A watershed is simply the geographic area through which water flows across the land and drains into a common body of water, whether a stream,           river, lake, or ocean.

  » The watershed boundary will more or less follow the highest ridgeline around the stream channels and meet at the bottom or lowest point of the           land where water flows out of the watershed, the mouth of the waterway.

  » Much of the water comes from rainfall and stormwater runoff. The quality and quantity of stormwater is affected by all the alterations to the land-           mining, agriculture, roadways, urban development, and the activities of people within a watershed. Watersheds are usually separated from other             watersheds b^^ naturally elevated areas.



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